Independent radio production companies made another strong showing in today’s nominations for the Radio Academy Sony Awards, with 26 nominations for some 20 different production companies across 13 eligible categories. Nominations were received for productions across genres and services, BBC and commercial radio.

Examples include:

Best Music Programme for ‘The Ronnie Wood Show’ (Somethin’ Else for Absolute Radio and Absolute Classic Rock); Best Feature or Documentary and Best Music Feature or Documentary for ‘Titanic Minute‐by‐Minute’ (TBI Media for BBC Radio 2); Best Entertainment Programme for ‘The Danny Baker Show’ (Campbell Davison Media for BBC Radio 5 Live); Best Comedy for ‘My Teenage Diary’ (Talkback for BBC Radio 4) and ‘Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast’ (Fuzz Prod’s and Sky Potato Prod’s for British Comedy Guide); Best Use of Multiplatform for ‘The Radio 1 Review Show’ (Somethin’ Else for BBC Radio 1).

The Sony awards ceremony will take place on May 13th and the nominations show the independent production sector is well placed to make another strong showing. Indie radio production companies achieved 30% of nominations in 2012, building on an average of 25% in the five previous years, demonstrating the sector’s growing ability to deliver high‐quality, innovative audio content.

RIG Chair Phil Critchlow said: “This equates to indies winning some 37% of nominations across the eligible categories – our best ever result. In recent years RIG members have often punched well above their weight, featuring strongly in the nominations and going on to win Sony Gold with some really powerful programming across the majority of eligible categories’.

This level of success at the Sony Awards is framed in a market where independent producers have access to around 12% of BBC radio production budgets to make a maximum of 20% of network radio by hours. It’s therefore an extremely powerful indicator, in purely qualitative terms, of the strong return on investment for the licence fee payer delivered by this growing creative industry.

*** above is the RIG press release -- full details of the indie nominations are:

Best music programme: Ora et Labore, Somethin' Else

Best entertainment programme: Campbell Davison Media

Best sports programme: TBI Media

Best community programme: Prison Radio Association, PRA Productions

Music Radio Broadcaster of the Year: Folded Wing, Wise Buddah, Smooth Operations

Speech Radio Broadcaster of the Year: Campbell Davison Media

Best Promotional/Advertising Campaign: Fresh Air Productions

Best music feature or doc: Brook Lapping Productions, TBI Media

Besr news feature or doc: Alfi Media, Just Radio

Best Feature or Documentary: TBI Media (x2), Julia Scott Prods, Just Radio, Unique

Best Comedy: Tonic Productions, Talkback, Fuzz Productions

Best Drama: Savvy, Somethin' Else

Best use of Multiplatform:Somethin' Else