British and Irish indies have secured over 50 nominations at this year's New York Festivals Radio Awards, led by an astonishing 17 for one indie alone - TBI Media.  Full list, subject to confirmation, is:

TBI Media (17, incl 5 shared with Snappin' Turtle and 1 with Bite Yer Legs)
Snappin Turtle (8, incl 5 shared with TBI)
Athena Media (4)
Pozzitive Television (3)
Folded Wing (2)
Square Dog Radio (2)
Trevor Dann's Company (2)
White Pebble Media (2)
Brook Lapping Productions
Corporation For Independent Media
Document Media Ltd
Goldhawk Essential
Ladbroke Productions (Radio) Ltd
Overtone Productions Ltd
Pacificus Productions
Real films
Ruth Evans Productions Ltd
Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio Ltd
Tonic Productions for BBC Radio
We Are Grape Ltd
Bite Yer Legs (shared with TBI)
Pavel Barter
Zoe Comyns


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