Indie programmes are on the radio throughout this week including these 34 most of which are featured in the BBC Radio highlights of the week:

Saturday 9th March
7.00-10.00am, Mary Ann Hobbs, R6M, Wise Buddah
8.00-10.00am, Sounds of the 60’s, R2, Unique
10.30-11.00am The Etymology of Entomology, R4, Folded Wing
1.00-3.00pm, Pick of the Pops, R2, Unique
2.30-3.30pm, Saturday Drama: Hedda Gabler, R4, Sparklab Productions
3.00-6.00pm, Gilles Peterson, R6M, Somethin’ Else
6.00-9.00pm, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, R6M, TBI Media

Sunday 10th March
12.00-2.00am, 6 Mix, R6M, Somethin’ Else
1.00-3.00am, Diplo and Friends, R1 & R1 Xtra, TBI Media
6.05-6.35am, Something Understood, R4, Whistledown
7.00-10.00am, Mary Ann Hobbs, R6M, Wise Buddah
11.00-1.00pm, Weekend Wogan, R2, Wise Buddah
1.00-4.00pm, The Huey Show, R6M, Wise Buddah
3.00-5.00pm, Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the 70’s, R2, Wise Buddah
7.00-9.00pm, Sunday Night with Michael Ball, R2, Wise Buddah
8.00-8.30pm, Feedback, R4, Whistledown
9.00-10.00pm, Radio 1Xtra Stories: Grime Mums, R1Xtra, Falling Tree Productions
11.30-12.00am Something Understood, R4, Whistledown

Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th March
1.30-2.00pm, R. Austin Freeman-Thorndyke: Casebook of a Forensic Investigator, R4 Extra, Fiction Factory Productions

Monday 11th- Friday 15th March
9.45-10.00am, Book of the Week, The Last Days of Detroit, (1-5/5), R4, Sweet Talk Productions
1.00-4.00pm, The Radcliffe and Maconie Show, R6M, Smooth Operations
7.00-10.00pm, Mark Forrest, BBC Local Radio, Wire Free Productions

Monday 11th March
10.00-11.00pm, Nitin Sawhney Spins the Globe, R2, Global Spin Productions
11.00-11.30am, The Maha Kumbh Mela, R4, Overtone Productions

Tuesday 12th March
10.00-11.00pm, Radio 2’s History of British Comedy, R2, Made In Manchester
7.00-8.00pm, Jamie Cullum, R2, Folded Wing

Wednesday 13th March
2.00-4.00am, Nihal, BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra, TBI Media
7.00-8.00pm, The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, R2, Smooth Operations
10.00-11.00pm, The People’s Songs, R2, Smooth Operations

Thursday 14th March
2.00-4.00am, Benji B, BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra, TBI Media
6.30-7.00pm, Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation, (2/4), R4, Pozzitive TV Ltd

Friday 15th March
2.00-4.00am, Toddla T, BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra, TBI Media
4.30 -5.00pm, Feedback, R4, Whistledown
7.00-8.00pm, Desmond Carrington, R2, Foldback Media

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