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In 2008 we invited a number of specialist media insurance providers to tender for the post of 'Recommended Insurance Provider to RIG'.  The clear front-runner in that process was Allen Chapman & James (ACJ), now incorporated into Integro, who demonstrated a strong understanding of the media industry in general and radio in particular, offering competitively priced products in recognition of the limited budgets in radio.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending that you give them a call to discuss your media insurance requirements.  However AudioUK cannot of course take any responsibility for ACJ's policies -- any insurance arrangement will be purely between the indie and ACJ.

Their website is at - ACJ is now part of the Integro Group, so the website branding has changed but it is still the ACJ team.

Please telephone 01206 500 000 and ask for the radio production insurance team.

And just to make it absolutely clear, neither AudioUK as a body nor any individual member gets any commission or other payback for this recommendation -- it is purely done for the benefit of members.  We have subsequently benefited from ACJ's kind sponsorship of refreshments at our Annual General Meetings and support for some of our Audio Production Awards, but this was not a factor in our original recommendation!

Other providers:

AudioUK members who are also members of BECTU or the NUJ should also check schemes available through those unions, though they are more applicable to individual insurance needs than company requirements. In some cases it will be worth holding both company and individual insurance.

The National Union of Journalists has an arrangement with Imaging Insurance to cover virtually all journalistic risks including libel.  Premiums depend on individual circumstances so can only be quoted on a bespoke basis, but typically start at £250 pa.  Full details here:

The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (BECTU) has a much more limited production insurance, which covers Public Liability only, but at just £25 pa.  Details here:

A valuable new service for journalists operating abroad, "including without restriction war zones" has been launched by the International Federation of Journalists, at  It looks surprisingly affordable considering the difficulty of getting any insurance in the most hazardous places.  Note of course it is for individuals, not companies, so would be in addition to rather than in place of a standard company insurance for the UK.

*** If members (or others) are aware of any other relevant providers or schemes please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details

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